lifestyle portraiture;

What is it and why is it important?
Here’s what most people don’t realize; It’s the mundane moments that hold the most weight. 

When I look back on my past and I think about moments that I’ve shared with the ones that I love, it’s the moments like fishing with my dad, going on boat rides, going on vacations and exploring nature, swinging in the hammock with my siblings, finding four-leaf clovers, dancing while my grandpa played harmonica, cooking lemon meringue pie with my grandparents and spending time with them admiring their garden. Those are the memories I cherish and I wish more than anything I had documentation of. Those moments hold incredible amounts of emotion, and there’s nothing that makes an image more beautiful than having emotional ties to the memories that were documented.

So, think of special moments like that in your life. Whether it be a special tradition that you do weekly, monthly or yearly. Whether it be capturing the messy and honest moments of raising children. Whether it be cooking your favorite dessert or meal with your kiddos, your mom, or grandparents. Those are the memories I’d love to document for you. 

And I promise you, those are the memories that you’ll want to be documented.

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